DBPR PMW to amend rules regarding Procedures for Collecting Samples from Racing Horses. Read more. 

Florida DBPR PMW posts emergency rule in regard to its Procedures for Collecting Samples from Racing Animals.

Dania Declaratory Statement issued denying ability to relocate summer jai alai permit.

DBPR Reaches Settlement Agreement with the Seminole Tribe.

Governor Scott vetos legislation relating to warnings for Lottery games. View the veto letter here.


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SB 0008 by Sen. Galvano — Relating to Gaming: Authorizing the department, a retailer operating from one or more locations, or a vendor approved by the department to use a point-of-sale terminal to sell a lottery ticket or game; ratifying and approving a specified compact executed by the Governor and the Seminole Tribe of Florida contingent upon the adoption of a specified amendment to the compact; creating the “Fantasy Contest Amusement Act”; creating the Office of Amusements within the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, etc. Except as otherwise expressly provided in this act, and except for this section, which shall take effect upon this act becoming a law, this act shall take effect only if the Gaming Compact between the Seminole Tribe of Florida and the State of Florida executed by the Governor and the Seminole Tribe of Florida on December 7, 2015, under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988, is amended as required by this act, and is approved or deemed approved and not voided by the United States Department of the Interior, and shall take effect on the date that notice of the effective date of the amended compact is published in the Federal Register.

Last Action: 3/27/2017 S Placed on Special Order Calendar, 03/29/17 Status: On Special Order Calendar.


SB 302 by Sen. Brandes — Penalties & Fees: Penalties and Fees; Revising requirements relating to the payment of court-related fines or other monetary penalties, fees, charges, and costs; prohibiting the suspension of a person’s driver license solely for failure to pay a penalty if the person demonstrates to the court, when specified, that he or she is unable to pay such penalty; revising penalties relating to suspending, revoking, or withholding issuance of driver licenses or driving privileges for minors under a specified age who possess firearms under certain circumstances, etc.

Last Action: Last Action: 3/7/2017 S CS by Transportation read 1st time -SJ 142 Status: In committee/council (ACJ) 

SB 592 by Sen. Young — Fantasy Contests: Citing this act as the “Fantasy Contest Amusement Act”; creating the Office of Amusements within the Department of Business and Professional Regulation; providing licensing requirements for contest operators offering fantasy contests; requiring a contest operator to implement specified consumer protection procedures under certain circumstances, etc.

Last Action: 3/7/2017 S Introduced -SJ 78 Status: In committee/council (RI).


HB 149 by Rep. Brodeur — Fantasy Contests & Fantasy Contest OperatorsProvides fantasy contests & fantasy contest operators are not subject to DBPR regulation; provides such contests conducted by such operators are exempt from specified provisions related to gambling; provides definitions.

Last Action: 3/24/2017 H On Committee agenda– Tourism and Gaming Control Subcommittee, 03/28/17, 3:30 pm, Webster Hall Status: On agenda (TGC).


HB 7037 by Rep. La Rosa — GENERAL BILL by Tourism and Gaming Control Subcommittee; Gaming: Authorizes & directs Governor, in cooperation with Seminole Tribe of Florida, to execute new compact in certain form; requires Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering to revoke permit to conduct pari-mutuel wagering for permitholder that fails to make specified payments or obtain operating license; prohibits division from issuing license to conduct or authorize slot machine gaming after specified date; prohibits specified cardroom games.

Last Action: 3/21/2017 H Now in Commerce Committee -HJ 428 Status: In committee/council (COM).


HB 113 by Rep. Miller, A. — Greyhound Racing: Greyhound Racing; Provides that positive test result for anabolic steroids in greyhound results in violation.

Last Action: 12/22/2016 H Withdrawn prior to introduction -HJ 38 Status: Withdrawn from consideration.

Identical Bills

SB 0512 by Sen. Young — Relating to Greyhound Dogracing 

HB 0743 by Rep. Smith — Relating to Steroid Use in Racing Greyhounds 



2015 Florida Gaming Legislation