DBPR Secretary Deposition – after Seminole Tribe requested crack down on player banked games at pari-mutuel cardrooms agency did just that.

Moose Lodge in Ocala asks DBPR, may we legally operate these games? Agency’s reply — we don’t have the authority to answer your question. Read the Agency’s Order Denying Petition for Declaratory Statement here.

Bingo operators Larry and Dixie Masino charged in 41-count indictment, read the Indictment here.

DOAH ALJ holds that proposed rules 61D-2.024 & 2.025 valid. Proposed rules 61D-2.028 (the “jockey” rules) & 61D-2.029 (the “publication” rule) are invalid. Read the Final Order here.

DBPR PMW issues Notice of Change to Proposed Rules which would have banned designated player card games.


Pennington, Moore, Wilkinson, Bell & Dunbar P.A.